Cultivated Hearts


 We know that relationships can be a whirlwind of excitement and joy in some seasons, while challenging and stressful in others.  

We want to make sure that whichever season you are in, your relationship has the tools, resources and space to connect safely with one another. 

Regardless if you are preparing for "the big day", fighting for your marriage, or trying to figure out what's next in your relationship, we want to support you.

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Who do we work with?

 We provide an open, safe and non-judgmental space to develop healthy relationship skills. Here are some characteristics of the clients we commonly work with:

✅ Couples that are ready to invest the time and resources to improve their relationship, even if they ultimately decide it's best to go separate ways

✅ Couples that are willing to learn and try new things, even if they're uncomfortable at first

✅ Couples that are open and honest about their experiences and needs, even if it takes time to work through them together


 Our counseling services help you:

Address issues that you have in a committed relationship 

Learn skills to navigate challenges in your family and marriage

Be prepared for the long term commitment of marriage

Christian-based services available.