Toccara Hudson, LCSW

Christian Therapist

Toccara Hudson, LCSW spends time during this video, sharing why she created Cultivated Hearts and her approach to working with clients. 

She is a passionate Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who has spent over a decade helping adults, children, and families who have faced and are facing various types crises from everyday stress to suicidal thoughts, substance use, and psychosis. She has dedicated her counseling career to improving the spiritual health of Christians all over the nation. Spiritual health is one of the most neglected components of our lives but has the deepest impact on the way we make decisions, approach relationships, and tackle conflict. She skillfully balancing the need to address human concerns while tending to the issues that torment the soul; believing that learning how to use God's word to work through everyday problems is the most important thing you can learn!


Education: Florida State University, Bachelor of Social Work;

University of New England, Master of Social Work