Don't forget your soul needs counseling.

We need something special

Christian Counseling is absolutely necessary. As believers, we need a specialized approach that acknowledges our humanity without neglecting our core biblical beliefs

Our humanity needs space to be angry, depressed, or disappointed without being condemned. It needs time to address struggles without being judged or turned away. It needs room to learn and grow with grace, love, and patience.

At the same time, our core biblical beliefs urgently remind us that our lives will end sooner than we anticipate. It teaches us that our primary goal in life is to be like Jesus. It warns us that sin is sneaky and it's empty promises rob us of joy and lead us further away from purpose. We are invited to rely on God to truly change us from the inside out.

We need counseling from someone who is BOTH trained to identify human needs and skilled to navigate spiritual challenges.

Our problems are always deeper than the surface

We tend to minimize our problems. We think a little tweak here and there, and then we will be good to go. The Bible does not support this view. Instead, it teaches us that the our everyday problems, habits, and cycles are tied to soul issues. Our depression may be tied to idolatry. Our unhappiness may be tied to envy. Our poor relationship decisions may be tied to identity issues. The has a way of getting to the root of our issues. It counsels us through the loneliness we feel even when we are around others. It counsels us through the inadequacies that haunt us even when we have achievements. It counsels us through the lack of purpose we it seems we have a productive life. 

The Bible is powerful, knows us deeply, transcends time, culture, and situations. It is always the most relevant and effective way of dealing with our problems (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

You are in the right place

We know that counseling can be intimidating.

✅ So, we took extra care to make the process engaging and easy.


We know that counseling can seem aimless.

So, we created a specific process that get to the root of your issue.


We know that people need this type of counseling all over the country.

So, we designed virtual options for people near and far. 

We know that people may think their problems are too big or too small for counseling

✅ So, we invite everyone to schedule a free consultation and we will help you get linked the best resource for your situation. 

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