Build something that lasts

Navigating life as a couple can be really overwhelming. Needs, desires, and preferences change over time, and sometimes we don't know how to navigate that with our significant other. As life progresses, we may find that we are not quite who we used to be or unsure of who we want to be. We may be watching our significant other change in ways that we don't like or fully understand. 


We offer Christian Based Couples Counseling for:

1. Couples who are seriously dating (pre-engagement)

2. Couples who are engaged and preparing for marriage (pre-marital)

3. Couples who are married and having some challenges (marriage counseling)

How do I know we need couples counseling?

Here are some signs that couples counseling could be beneficial:

1. You feel like roommates 

2. One/both no longer feel like you are "in love"

3. Lack/absence of sexual intimacy

4. Broken trust or infidelity

5. Difficulty with communicating or connecting

6. Feeling overlooked or undervalued

7. Major life transition (i.e. new baby, relocation, etc.)

What are the benefits of 

Christian Couples Counseling?

✅ Learn new ways to communicate with one another

✅ Gain valuable skills to prepare/strengthen for marriage

✅ Explore difficult topics without involving friends/family

✅ Build intimacy that leads to connection and enjoyment

✅ Incorporate biblical values and godly decision making

✅ Engage with Certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator

✅ Navigate challenges in an emotionally safe environment

✅ Facilitated by Toccara Hudson, LCSW a Christian Therapist with 10+ years of experience working with individuals who are facing emotional, mental and spiritual distress

✅ Virtual options available (nationwide)

✅ In-person options available (Atlanta metro area)

Couple on a Walk