Getting through this together

Are you tired of doing things on your own? It may seem hard to believe, but there are other people going through what you are facing. Past hurt can delay us from trusting others. Fears of the unknown can prevent us from trying new things. Regardless of the reason, God did not design for us to live life, endure trials, or celebrate wins alone. We have designed a variety of groups that help you heal, grow, and confidently move forward in a way that honors God.


Here are some signs that you are doing things alone:

1. Don't tell others what you are going through

2. You pretend that you are okay when you aren't

3. Tell yourself to "be strong" although you dont feel strong

4. People closest to you are unaware of what your experiencing

5. You give others advice that you struggle to take yourself

Who are these groups for?

All of our groups are for adult men and women.  We welcome all Christians regardless of their bible knowledge, location, or personal struggles. 

Available groups

Please click here to view our most recent group offerings.

Benefits of our groups

✅ Safe place for Christians to navigate challenges

✅ Learn from other people who are facing similar issues

✅ Open to adults regardless of their location

✅ Fun, interactive and awesome learning environment

✅ Open to both men and women

✅ Virtual

✅ Topic specific

✅ Encourage godly decision making

✅ Facilitated by Toccara Hudson, LCSW a Christian Therapist with 10+ years of experience working with individuals who are facing emotional, mental and spiritual distress

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