Take your heart to class.


The Bible acknowledges that miscommunication occurs between our heads and our hearts. In James 1:19-27, we see Scripture address the struggle that we have when it comes to following through with our actions. Why does this happen? Our thoughts, desires, preferences, emotions, and decision-making all flow out of our heart. In Jeremiah 17:9, we learn that our hearts are deceitful, secretive, and so desperate for wickedness that only God knows whats in it. So if we want to learn how to not "just talk about it", but "be about it," we must use God's word to revel the truth behind our decisions.

Heart Courses

These interactive online courses are for those who want to learn how the Bible teaches us to think and respond to the issues in our lives. These courses include videos, worksheets, and other visual resources to help you process and apply lessons to everyday life. 

Here are some benefits to our Heart Courses:

✅ Gain powerful insight from others who are taking the class

✅ Address the root causes that fuel strong cycles in our lives

✅ Engage with an instructor who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 10 years of experience. 

✅ Address taboo topics that the church often overlooks

✅ Learn practical tools to use every day

✅ Flexible payment options

Coming January 2021!

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